Welcome to the Conscious Madness Festival, where you'll embark on a journey to the weird and colourful outer rim of reality.

We have found a perfect setting in the middle of a forest and a beautiful lake – somewhere between Amsterdam and Moscow – and we’re excited to celebrate a new era with you. Lift your spirits while surrounded by the sheer beauty of nature. Let go of your inhibitions, release the madness hidden inside of you, and celebrate a weekend full of art, culture, community and music.

We host these events with a focus on an elevated festival experience, intimate setting, and donations to organisations helping people in need.

We can’t wait to see what magic you’ll create this year at Conscious Madness Festival.

More Information: conscious-madness.de

Where does the event happen? Coolmühle, Kuhlmühler Str. 1a

When does the event happen?
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A service fee of €7.00 per ticket will be added on top of each order.


Conscious Madness Festival 2023

Festival Ticket 135,00 € + 7,00 € Fee (will be added on top of each order in the next step)

€135.00 incl. 7% VAT

Supporter Option (Work-for-Ticket)

Please note that supporter shifts are limited and this option does not guarantee you will be assigned a shift. If you would like to help us and work at the festival please choose this option and we will contact you with information about your shifts. You can read about the jobs at conscious-madness.de/helfer

After your shifts (2x5h; 2x3h cleaning) you will be refunded the entire ticket price excluding the service fee (5,00 €).

By ordering this option you accept the terms of our data protection policy for the shift management software "Engelsystem" (run on our server in Germany) – this includes, using your personal information to contact you in regard of your shifts. The complete data protection policy can be found here https://conscious-madness.de/dsvgo/

€135.00 incl. 7% VAT



€15.00 incl. 19% VAT


€20.00 incl. 19% VAT